Smart menu builder

Already know what you want to sell your customer? Our smart menu builder uses a proprietary algorithm to automatically select the right options for every product based on your habits in MenuMetric.

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AI assisted menu building

Speed up your F&I process

The system learns your habits and adjusts over time to help automate your selections and speed up the menu building process.

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Can I change the coverage and term that MenuSelect chooses for me?
Smart menu builder

Yes. You have full control to change the rate selected. You can also direct the system to pick your preferred coverage on a deal-by-deal basis in the pre-rate fields before rating occurs.

What is the benefit of the Smart menu builder?
Smart menu builder

First and foremost, SPEED!  MenuSelect drastically reduces the number of clicks needed to make a menu, saving you a lot of valuable time.

What is MenuSelect technology?
Smart menu builder

MenuSelect is a proprietary algorithm designed by MenuMetric that tracks your habits when choosing rate options and uses that info to automatically choose coverages and terms for each of your products.

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