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MenuMetric offers the best single source for all of your rating needs. Connect to hundreds of product providers under one platform. With MenuMetric you will always have quick access to accurate rates for all of your products. Never make a costly pricing error again.

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"MenuMetric has an amazing team dedicated to helping Dealers and their Agency Partners!! MenuMetric is one of Ascent Dealer Services preferred providers and one of the Best Overall F&I Menus in the game today!! Highly Recommend a Demo!!"

Matthew Gruenke

Vice President of Sales, Ascent Dealer Services

"We have used several menu systems that get the job done but Menu Metric has been our go-to for several years. They have an exceptional team that values our business and truly cares about our clients. They offer a quality platform that is easy to use and customizable to fit the needs of our dealerships ..."

Danielle Daher

Director of Operations, Sattler Dealer Services


Quick and accurate rates for all your products

MenuMetric's direct connection to your providers means the rates you find in MenuMetric will always match the rates in the providers system.

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Sign anywhere

Electronically sign product contracts using any of our three methods: ePad or Topaz signature pads; on an iPad, tablet, or touch-screen; or email/text to your customers' personal device.


Reduce errors and increase cash flow

MenuMetric is leading the progression of eContracting by improving F&I up-sell opportunities, CSI scores, and reducing contract kick-backs. We integrate with over 200 popular aftermarket vendors, and dealers who already use eContracting have found they have a better cash flow control and reduced errors - resulting in less risk.

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How do my contracts get to my product provider?
eRating & eContracting

MenuMetric has a live, real-time connection with your provider in most cases.  Meaning, when you click "Generate" in MenuMetric, it is actually your provider that is making the contract and sending it to MenuMetric.  So, if you see the contract in MenuMetric, you'll also find it in your provider's portal!

Why should I eContract through MenuMetric?
eRating & eContracting

MenuMetric makes it easy!  By the time you get to the contracting phase of a deal, you've already imported (or entered) all of the deal information including the customer name and address and you've selected the plan that you are selling.  From there, eContracting is just a click away!

How can I be sure that the rates that I see in MenuMetric are correct?
eRating & eContracting

MenuMetric uses real-time live connections to your providers to ensure accuracy.  Because of this, MenuMetric never needs to house any of your product rates in our system.  Each time you click "Get Rates", MenuMetric reaches out to your provider and they send back your current rates for that unit.

What is the benefit of eRating?
eRating & eContracting

eRating through MenuMetric speeds up your process by eliminating the need to go to multiple vendor portals to view your product costs.

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