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Simplify and streamline F&I sales with MenuMetric's digital interview tool. Profile aids in assessing customer needs and wants before they reach the finance office.

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Custom questions

Unlimited questions

Choose from MenuMetric's library of pre-written questions or request to have your own custom questions added.

customer profile questions
customer profile templates

Unlimited templates

Build custom templates of questions for every scenario you encounter. You control the questions and the order so you can gather the appropriate information from each customer.

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Can I write or customize my own Profile questions?
Customer profile

Profile templates have a pool of pre-written questions that have been set for you to use. They are strategically aimed at info that helps put together a comprehensive F&I menu. If you have ideas and questions you’d like to use in Profile, we’d love to hear them! Contact your MenuMetric sales rep to get your question submitted for review by our team. We want your input, always.

Can I text or send my customer the Profile interview before they arrive at the dealership?
Customer profile

Yes! Profile can be sent via text or email for the customer to complete from home before arriving for their appointment with you. This is a great way to get the info you need to put together a menu that speaks to them.

Which MenuMetric package includes the Profile feature?
Customer profile

MenuMetric's Pro Package.  Reach out to the MenuMetric Sales team to upgrade!  516-778-6368 ext 1

Why would I need to do a customer profile?
Customer profile

Your F&I offerings offer substantial value, yet customers may not fully appreciate it. To genuinely persuade your customers to embrace your products, rather than simply presenting them with a list of features and functions, you must gain a deep understanding of what their needs are. Great insight is obtained by engaging with your customers and posing thoughtful, personalized questions.

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