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Empowering automotive excellence: Our story and mission as an industry leader in F&I software.

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Our story

The journey of MenuMetric


MenuMetric launches

Adam took his F&I experience and passion for improvement as inspiration. Teaching himself to program, he created the first working version of MenuMetric.

2014 - 2016

The foundation of success

Chris, Phil, and Annie all joined the team to develop and grow MenuMetric into what it is today. F&I Express and AppOne integrate to become preferred menu providers and cement our foundation.



MenuMobile is created to provide a virtual menu that can be sent to customers anywhere.

2018 - 2019


MenuMetric becomes one of the first menu software companies to cater to the RV industry and expands into the powersport and marine industries.

2020 - 2021

Glow up

MenuMetric is redesigned to provide a simple and efficient interface. MenuSelect is created to provide menu automation driven by AI. The future of MenuMetric is bright!

Today, the future

And beyond...

MenuMetric is proud to have assisted millions of people in all 50 states and beyond. We continue to be committed to providing cutting edge software and industry support.

Our mission

"It is our mission to create the technology that enables F&I professionals to connect with customers and create a personal sales experience. Our platform enables efficient selection, presentation, and tracking sales of F&I products and vehicle add-ons."

Our values

We aren’t just a software company

We strive to solve problems quickly and efficiently, and to continuously seek innovations with our products.

We are problem-solvers

Since 2011, we have been dedicated to delivering cutting-edge F&I solutions to our valued clients. By remaining at the forefront of F&I innovation, we continuously enhance our software with problem-solving features, ensuring that we offer the finest and most advanced tools in the industry.

We empower

At MenuMetric, we go beyond simply selling software packages to our clients. We collaborate closely with them to empower their selling processes. Our commitment extends to providing industry-leading, round-the-clock customer support and comprehensive training, ensuring that our solutions work flawlessly for your business.

We are family

Our vibrant and team-oriented culture stands out as one of our defining qualities. We take immense pride in being more than just a software company; we are family. This collaborative spirit within our team fuels our drive for innovation and fosters a deep-rooted passion for delivering nothing short of the finest solutions to our valued clients.

Meet our leaders

Adam Resnick
Founder & CEO

Adam grew up in a family-owned powersports dealership. After graduating college, he began selling cars and found immediate success becoming the top salesperson. He was soon promoted to Finance Manager where he also excelled. This is where the idea for MenuMetric was born. Adam made his vision a reality, becoming a self-taught Software Developer in the process. Today, Adam continues to utilize his experience and passion to push into the future.

Chris LaNou
Director of Technology

Chris's background in computer programming and his education in Information Systems has helped drive MenuMetric forward as a leader in electronic F&I software. Always a team player, his efficient approach helps solve our daily programming needs while keeping our software continuously competitive in the industry.

Phil Imbery
Chief Operation Officer

Phil has an extensive background in the Automotive Industry and a high level of knowledge about the ins and outs of dealership life. Along with his outstanding people skills, he has given our customers a reliable, patient, and trusted source for training and problem-solving. His unique ability to relate to others leaves a positive impact on our customers every day.

Tina Wesner
Director of Fixed Operations

Tina brings over 20 years of customer relations/management experience, along with a strong mind for organization and ingenuity. She effectively drives project management while keeping the seams together between the support team and the developers. This active mother of two teenagers has made a huge impact on the progression of MenuMetric into what it is today!

Jeanie Vasel
Director of Support

As a career-focused mother of two amazing boys, Jeanie can juggle any task that comes her way! With extensive experience in childhood education, she brings a new skill set to our people-driven team at MenuMetric.

Christopher Bernadot
Director of Variable Operations

Christopher brings over 25 years of team development and process leadership. Working most recently in the financial sector, he has been helping local communities and businesses grow their footprint. A strong believer in team, Christopher is dedicated to building amazing relationships with his internal and external customers. Outside of work, you will find him biking, hiking, camping, boating, or jeeping - anything outside!

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