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Join us for a career opportunity that goes beyond work. It's our shared culture that fuels our accomplishments.

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The perks of working with us

Remote Friendly

Though MenuMetric has an office, not all work time is spent there.  Depending on the team and the current needs, most employees can enjoy a few days a week working from home.

Paid Time Off

PTO provides employees with paid vacations, holidays, and sick leave, promoting well-being and allowing for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Simple IRA Retirement Plan

A Simple IRA is an employer-sponsored retirement plan that allows employees to save for their future with pre-tax contributions, potentially matched by the company, providing financial security in retirement.

Opportunity for Growth

MenuMetric is a growing company with ample opportunities for career advancement. Employees can take on new responsibilities and grow their careers as the company expands.

Great Company Culture

MenuMetric fosters an environment of open communication and collaboration, where every team member's voice is valued, leading to innovative solutions and a strong sense of belonging.

Innovative Environment

MenuMetric is at the forefront of technology and innovation in the F&I industry, providing employees with the opportunity to work on cutting-edge projects and solutions.

Open positions

Even if we aren't actively hiring now, we are always looking to add superstars to our team. Feel free to view our positions below and send us your resume.

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We are looking for a passionate problem solver who is eager to provide excellent customer support to our fast-growing client base. This is a great opportunity to grow with an exceptional and unique retail software company.

Hybrid - Eau Claire, WI.