Printed F&I menus

MenuMetric offers several dynamic and customizable printed menu styles with a range of options to ensure you can make your menu your way.

Showcase Menu

MenuMetric’s patented Showcase menu styles have proven to be the most effective menu presentation available.

traditional printed menu

Traditional Menu

Looking for a more traditional F&I menu style? We have that too!

column style paper menu

George Angus / TeamOne Menu

Prefer the George Angus / TeamOne menu? We've got you covered!

george angus style printed menu

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Read our expansive FAQs to see if what you're looking for has already been answered.

Can I have more than one VSC term/coverage on my menu?
Printed menu

Yes. We can customize your VSC setup to show as many term and coverage options as you’d like in one menu over multiple columns.

How many columns can my paper menu have?
Printed menu

Up to a total of 5. You may customize your menu with anywhere from 1-5 columns and up to 5 total term options.

What is the TeamOne menu?
Printed menu
How do I add more printed menu styles to my account?
Printed menu

Reach out to with your request and we'll help you get them added asap!

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