To get where you’re going, you need to know where you’ve been. MenuMetric provides real-time, cloud-based reporting designed to help you find opportunities in your dealership.


Our suite of reports allows you to thoroughly track your business at all levels. With over 15 standard reports, we help your dealership track essential numbers like PVR, products-per, penetration rates, reserve deviation, and much more.

variety reporting


Dealers who measure and manage their analytics will always outperform dealers who do not. The simplicity of MenuMetric reports allows anyone with access to view F&I production. This means better performance and communication for your entire dealership.

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Agent level reports

Review all business in one place with MenuMetric. Track your monthly numbers, find areas of opportunity, and increase sales with our built-in reports. We make it easy to access numbers from multiple dealerships quickly and easily.

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Read our expansive FAQs to see if what you're looking for has already been answered.

Can I track and compare multiple stores in my group?

Yes. Our suite of combination style reports can compare store over store and/or group them together for easy comparisons.

Can I get reports emailed to me?

Absolutely!  Please email with the report that you would like to receive, any filters that you would like set, the date range needed (Example:  Month to date), the days of the week or month that you would like to receive the report, and the email address it should be sent to.

Which report is the most useful to view every day?

It depends on what information is most important to you.  However, the Summary report is by far the most viewed report in MenuMetric.

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