MenuMetric solutions are tailored to your dealership's specific needs. Automate and simplify your F&I process with our cloud-based F&I Management Platform.

Our Mission
It's our mission to create the technology that enables F&I professionals to connect with customers and create a personal sales experience. Our platform enables efficient selection, presentation, and tracking sales of F&I products and vehicle add-ons.
Our Vision
Our vision is to define the F&I Department. We strive to maximize the power of human connection with the utilization of advanced technology.
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F&I Managers
MenuMetric equips your dealership's F&I Department with the power of menu presentations. Our proven process and cloud-based software enable higher profit, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.
MenuMetric provides powerful cloud-based software to help your agency track dealer performance, maximize resources, and identify opportunities. Monitor your product performance and easily identify training queues to improve your store's performance.

Tailor your presentations to each customer with ease, and engage your customers from the start. Share dynamic assets right from your presentation and show value without a hard sell.

Your Solution
We're not just a software company, we're a dynamic presentation and tracking tool. It's our mission to simplify the F&I sales process to increase customer satisfaction and profits. See how we can be the solution for you with our one-of-a-kind menu presentations!
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"Our agents and dealers demand the most from our menu and reporting software. MenuMetric is the only provider that we have found that meets our needs and evolves with ever-changing demands."

President of Benchmark Dealer Services