Elevate your dealership's F&I experience

Effortlessly navigate the complexities of F&I with our user-friendly platform, revolutionizing how you choose, showcase, and keep track of product sales.

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A wide range of F&I solutions

MenuMetric solutions are tailored to your dealership's specific needs. Automate and simplify your sales process with our cloud-based F&I Management Platform.

Printed and Digital Menus

Whether you prefer a traditional menu, or a next-gen presentation, MenuMetric has the solution you need.


Real-time metrics built by F&I professionals for F&I professionals.

eRating & eContracting

With integrations to over 200 popular aftermarket providers, MenuMetric has the connections you need.

Smart Menu Builder

MenuSelect’s smart menu builder uses A.I. to automatically select the right options for every product based on your habits.

Customer Profiles

Use MenuMetric's Profile feature to ask your customers the right questions at the right time.


MenuMetric's stand-alone eContracting platform allows you to process all of your product contracts in one place without a menu.

"MenuMetric has an amazing team dedicated to helping Dealers and their Agency Partners!! MenuMetric is one of Ascent Dealer Services preferred providers and one of the Best Overall F&I Menus in the game today!! Highly Recommend a Demo!!"

Matthew Gruenke

Vice President of Sales, Ascent Dealer Services

"We have used several menu systems that get the job done but Menu Metric has been our go-to for several years. They have an exceptional team that values our business and truly cares about our clients. They offer a quality platform that is easy to use and customizable to fit the needs of our dealerships ..."

Danielle Daher

Director of Operations, Sattler Dealer Services

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Dynamic and customizable F&I menu solutions

MenuMetric offers several dynamic and customizable printed and digital menu solutions with a range of options to ensure you can make your menu whichever way best suits your business and F&I workflow.


Real-time reporting

To know where you’re going, you need to know where you’ve been. MenuMetric provides real-time, cloud-based reporting designed to help you find opportunities in your dealership.

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Reduce errors and increase cash flow

MenuMetric is at the forefront of enhancing F&I sales, boosting CSI scores, and minimizing contract kickbacks. We partner with 200+ top aftermarket providers. Dealers embracing eContracting notice better cash flow management and fewer errors, leading to reduced risks.


Dealer management system integrations

MenuMetric is integrated with a wide variety of DMSs, saving you time in the Business Office by eliminating double data entry.

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