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What services are included in my MenuMetric setup fee?

Your MenuMetric setup fee includes all setup and testing by our support team, full customization of the account to your liking, one-on-one onboarding with our training team over multiple sessions in your own account PLUS 24/7 support throughout your MenuMetric experience.

Can I write or customize my own Profile questions?

Profile templates have a pool of pre-written questions that have been set for you to use. They are strategically aimed at info that helps put together a comprehensive F&I menu. If you have ideas and questions you’d like to use in Profile, we’d love to hear them! Contact your MenuMetric sales rep to get your question submitted for review by our team. We want your input, always.

Customer profile
Can I text or send my customer the Profile interview before they arrive at the dealership?

Yes! Profile can be sent via text or email for the customer to complete from home before arriving for their appointment with you. This is a great way to get the info you need to put together a menu that speaks to them.

Customer profile
Can I change the coverage and term that MenuSelect chooses for me?

Yes. You have full control to change the rate selected. You can also direct the system to pick your preferred coverage on a deal-by-deal basis in the pre-rate fields before rating occurs.

Smart menu builder
Can I track and compare multiple stores in my group?

Yes. Our suite of combination style reports can compare store over store and/or group them together for easy comparisons.

Can I have more than one VSC term/coverage on my menu?

Yes. We can customize your VSC setup to show as many term and coverage options as you’d like in one menu over multiple columns.

Printed menu
How many columns can my paper menu have?

Up to a total of 5. You may customize your menu with anywhere from 1-5 columns and up to 5 total term options.

Printed menu
Can I use any tablet brand or device with your digital menu?

Yes. Any brand of tablet device over 1000 pixels will be compatible with our digital menu.

Digital menu
What makes MenuMetric better than the rest?

Great software combined with amazing people.  Lot's of companies can make software, but MenuMetric's sytem was designed by F&I Managers for F&I Managers.  We've done your job, and we understand what you need.   Combine that with world class support and you've got a combination that can't be beat!

General FAQ
When is MenuMetric Support available?


8am-5pm central time by phone (ext 3), email or chat.

After hours and weekends by phone at 516-778-6368 ext 6

General FAQ
I'd like to add a new product to MenuMetric, where do I start?

Email support@menumetric.com with the provider and product info along with your Dealer ID for that provider.

General FAQ
How do I decide which package to choose?

Each package has numerous great features.  Which one you choose really depends on what level of technology you are after.

  • Standard:  Everything you need to sell more F&I products efficiently!  Printed menus, MyMenu tablet menu, eRating & eContracting, Real-time reports, 24/7 support.
  • Pro:  Everything from Standard plus:  MenuMobile (interactive email/text menu) and Profile (customer interview/profile tool)
  • Elite:  Pro Package plus:  Next-gen tablet menus: TechClassic & Axis, and Smart Menu Builder powered by MenuSelect technology for a faster menu building experience.
Can I upgrade my account?

Absolutely!  You can upgrade or downgrade your package at any time.  Simply reach out to MenuMetric's Sales Team at 516-778-6368 ext 1 to start the process.

Can I connect my DMS to ProviderLink?

Yes!  View our list of connected DMSs here:  DMS Connections

What are the benefits of ProviderLink?

ProviderLink gives you a single source to rate and contract all of your F&I products!  No need to go to each individual provider's portal and manually type in your info.

Which MenuMetric package includes the Profile feature?

MenuMetric's Pro Package.  Reach out to the MenuMetric Sales team to upgrade!  516-778-6368 ext 1

Customer profile
Why would I need to do a customer profile?

Your F&I offerings offer substantial value, yet customers may not fully appreciate it. To genuinely persuade your customers to embrace your products, rather than simply presenting them with a list of features and functions, you must gain a deep understanding of what their needs are. Great insight is obtained by engaging with your customers and posing thoughtful, personalized questions.

Customer profile
What is the benefit of the Smart menu builder?

First and foremost, SPEED!  MenuSelect drastically reduces the number of clicks needed to make a menu, saving you a lot of valuable time.

Smart menu builder
What is MenuSelect technology?

MenuSelect is a proprietary algorithm designed by MenuMetric that tracks your habits when choosing rate options and uses that info to automatically choose coverages and terms for each of your products.

Smart menu builder
What types of tablets work for eSignatures?

Any touch-screen device will work!  However, we recommend that you stay away from the cheapest entry level tablets (Ex:  Amazon Fire Tablets) as their browser capabilities tend to be limited and very slow.

Can I use a signature pad to sign?

Yes! MenuMetric works with both ePad and Topaz brand signature pads. Reach out to support@menumetric.com for a list of compatible models.

How do my contracts get to my product provider?

MenuMetric has a live, real-time connection with your provider in most cases.  Meaning, when you click "Generate" in MenuMetric, it is actually your provider that is making the contract and sending it to MenuMetric.  So, if you see the contract in MenuMetric, you'll also find it in your provider's portal!

eRating & eContracting
Why should I eContract through MenuMetric?

MenuMetric makes it easy!  By the time you get to the contracting phase of a deal, you've already imported (or entered) all of the deal information including the customer name and address and you've selected the plan that you are selling.  From there, eContracting is just a click away!

eRating & eContracting
How can I be sure that the rates that I see in MenuMetric are correct?

MenuMetric uses real-time live connections to your providers to ensure accuracy.  Because of this, MenuMetric never needs to house any of your product rates in our system.  Each time you click "Get Rates", MenuMetric reaches out to your provider and they send back your current rates for that unit.

eRating & eContracting
What is the benefit of eRating?

eRating through MenuMetric speeds up your process by eliminating the need to go to multiple vendor portals to view your product costs.

eRating & eContracting
Can I get reports emailed to me?

Absolutely!  Please email support@menumetric.com with the report that you would like to receive, any filters that you would like set, the date range needed (Example:  Month to date), the days of the week or month that you would like to receive the report, and the email address it should be sent to.

Which report is the most useful to view every day?

It depends on what information is most important to you.  However, the Summary report is by far the most viewed report in MenuMetric.

What is the TeamOne menu?
Printed menu
How do I add more printed menu styles to my account?

Reach out to Support@menumetric.com with your request and we'll help you get them added asap!

Printed menu
Can I use Digital menus on my ipad?

Absolutely!  MenuMetric's digital menus work on any touch-screen device!

Digital menu
What options do you have for Digital menus?

MenuMetric currently offers 4 options for digital menus: TechClassic, Axis, MyMenu, and MenuMobile.  Click here to book a demo and learn more about each option.

Digital menu
How do I sign up for TechClassic?

TechClassic is part of the Elite package. Contact the MenuMetric sales team for details and to sign up.

Digital menu

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