5 simple ways to digitize your F&I selling experience

Raeleigh Lewandowski
September 8, 2023

In the digital age, customers expect a deeper understanding of the value of their F&I purchases. As everything moves online, digitizing the customer experience becomes vital for sales success. Incorporating digital selling features not only enhances the customer's journey but also ensures natural compliance with laws and regulations. Here are some key ways to digitize your F&I selling experience:

5 simple ways to digitize your F&I selling experience

1. Create a Customer Profile Questionnaire

Profiling customers before presenting sales options is a pivotal feature that optimizes F&I sales. Employing a customizable questionnaire enables F&I managers to gain deep insights into their customers' precise needs, allowing them to determine the most suitable rate and F&I protection options. Furthermore, by encouraging customers to express their needs and wants, it assures them that their vehicle protection requirements are being met effectively. This personalized approach not only enhances the customer experience but also increases the likelihood of successfully meeting their expectations and fostering long-term satisfaction.

2. Educate: Charts, Brochure, and Presentations

Despite meticulous planning and preparation by an F&I manager, miscommunications while explaining the value of F&I products are inevitable. Fortunately, showcasing product education videos can effectively illustrate the benefits and protection they offer. Research indicates that more than 50% of consumers rely on product videos during their purchase decisions, making them a powerful tool. By providing these videos, transparency is ensured, and customers' trust in your business is strengthened.

3. Present a Custom Menu

To enhance your customer experience digitally, consider creating a tailored F&I product menu. Modern digital F&I menus offer optimization features, enabling managers to efficiently plan protection packages, saving valuable time and resources. Learning which packages provide optimal protection may involve some trial and error. However, numerous F&I presentation techniques are available to aid in crafting the best packages. Custom F&I presentation tools, for instance, simplify and accelerate the process, empowering F&I managers to create clear, compelling packages effortlessly. These tools are invaluable for streamlining operations and improving overall efficiency.

4. eSignature

Implementing an eSignature option is a highly effective strategy to digitize your F&I selling process. It streamlines sales, ensuring quick and remote transaction closures. According to Forrester, a leadership consulting forum, 47% of organizations reported increased customer satisfaction through digitized signatures. Moreover, eSignatures boost productivity for F&I managers while enhancing customer security. This transparent eSigning process protects dealerships from compliance laws and regulations by completing the sales process. Embracing eSignatures offers a dual advantage of improved efficiency and customer experience, making it a valuable addition to modernize your dealership's operations.

5. Reporting

An efficient F&I manager should not only monitor sales reports but also analyze key performance indicators (KPIs) and finance product data. By doing so, they can identify bottlenecks in the sales process, select the right mix of products, and improve customer satisfaction. Collaborating with the sales team for ongoing training enhances performance and customer interactions. These data-driven actions can significantly boost the dealership's bottom line and foster long-term customer loyalty.


These simple ways can be optimized to digitize your F&I selling experience. Using digitized presentation techniques show increased revenue and happier customers while also abiding compliance laws. That said, reach out to MenuMetric for more information on F&I Menu technologies and any F&I sales queries.

Raeleigh Lewandowski
Marketing Specialist
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